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Language Acquisition, Office of (OLA)

The Office of Language Acquisition (OLA) is a department within the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). OLA Provides training and support to school sites in identifying, assessing, and monitoring the language and academic progress of Multilingual Learners. Our multilingual students speak more than sixty different languages and come from many countries around the world.

OLA supports our Multilingual students and families, teachers, and school staff in all of the areas related to language acquisition, access to general education, and specifically compliance. Compliance refers to all the federal and state-mandated laws and regulations relating to the education of Multilingual Learners. 

In 2017, the California Department of Education published the English Learner Roadmap Guide(2)  to assist local educational agencies (LEA) in implementing California's 21st century college-and-career-ready standards, curriculum, instruction programs, and assessments. These Four main principles fully adopted by OLA provide the foundation to the English Learner Roadmap. They are: 

Principle 1: Assets- Oriented and Needs-Responsive Schools
Schools are responsive to different English Learner (EL) strengths, needs, and identities and support the socio-emotional health and development of English Learners. 

Principle 2: Intellectual Quality of Instruction and Meaningful Access 
English Learners engage in intellectually rich, developmentally appropriate learning experiences that foster high levels of English proficiency. 

Principle 3: Systems Conditions that Support Effectiveness 
Each level of the school system (state, county, district, school, pre-school) has leaders and educators who are knowledgeable of and responsive to the strengths and needs of English learners and their communities and who utilize valid assessment and other data systems that inform instruction and continuous improvement. 

Principle 4: Alignment and Articulation Within and Across Systems 
English learners experience a coherent, articulated, and aligned set of practices and pathways across grade levels and educational segments, beginning with a strong foundation in early childhood and appropriate identification of strengths and needs, and continuing through to reclassification, graduation, higher education, and career opportunities.

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