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Public Information Office

The San Diego Unified School District Public Information Office provides proactive, collaborative leadership in the development, implementation and communication of the district's mission, vision and priorities among all education stakeholders. This includes working together with students, teachers, staff, school and district administrators, as well as our dedicated parents and our broader community.

The Chief of Public Information serves as a member of the Superintendent's Cabinet, participates in long-range strategic planning and assists with developing system-wide budget, plans, policies and activities.

Developing, organizing, controlling and directing the functions of a robust district-wide communications and public relations and marketing strategy is an integral component of the district Public Information Office. This enables the organization to increase public awareness and understanding. In addition, it fosters the ability to create a positive, coherent, overall district image and representation of the district's mission, vision and priorities.

Andrew Sharp, Chief Public Information Officer
Laurel Pollard, Confidential Administrative Assistant

San Diego Unified School District
Public Information Office
4100 Normal Street, Room 2232
San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 725-7505

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