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Our Farm Partners

Stehly Farms Organic - Valley Center, Ca

The Stehly's are a true farm dynasty. With over 100 children, cousins, aunts and uncles between them, many Stehly's have grown up and continue to farm in San Diego and further afield. Brothers Noel and Jerome Stehly grow tasty, certified organic, citrus, avocados along with over a hundred other crops in Valley Center about 50 miles from SDUSD schools. They were the first local family farm to sell to our F2S program. Check out the video we made for the Organic Peewee Avocados they grew for our students!

Sahu SubTropicals - Rainbow, Ca

Ron Sahu, owner of Sahu Subtropicals grows certified organic tropical fruit in Rainbow, about 50 miles north of our district's schools. He loves growing sweet and exotic sub- tropical fruit on his 20 acre farm and sharing fun new fruits with our students. Some items like the certified organic kumquats - can you say nature's “sour ball” candy - and organic fuyu persimmons are brand new to our students and are a great introduction into the wonderful varied world of fruits and vegetables. Check out the video we made about the Organic Kumquats Ron grew for our students.

Go Green Agriculture - Encinitas, Ca

Farmer Pierre Slieman didn't grow up on a farm or come from a farming family. He was more into computers and business growing up. But he has merged his interests with the altruistic goal of feeding many communities with technology that saves water energy and labor. Enter certified organic hydroponics! Peirre and his whole family now run Go Green Agriculture and grow beautiful greens - spinach, kales and lettuce. Their Bloomsdale Spinach has been featured on our salad bars and we are still craving it! Check out the video we made highlighting their farm!

Sunrise Farms - Vista, Ca

Sunrise Farm owners Ken and Kathy Shull have been growing lemons, Minneola tangelos, oranges and other citrus fruit on 100 acres of family land in North County for over 35 years. They also work with smaller citrus grove owners to bring more variety and volume of organic and conventionally grown citrus to the people of Southern California. We featured their Organic Minneola Tangelos and kids went crazy for the sweet tangy citrus fruit. Check out the video we made highlighting their Minneola Tangelos!

Old Grove Orange - Farmer Bob Knight

Owner Bob Knight has a passion for farming and keeping other farmers in business. After successfully establishing his farm business Bob asked other farmers to join him, as demand for local was growing and he couldn't keep up. Now Bob works with over 24 family farms throughout the southland to provide schools with local and organic foods of all kinds. He has provided us tasty red grapes and may one day grow cucumbers just for us. Check out the video we created about the tasty Red Flame Grapes we featured on our salad bars by clicking here. We've worked with many other farms locally and within the Southern California region. The list below is not exhaustive but is a good representation of the other farms we've partnered with over the years that are not featured on this page. Other San Diego farms we've worked with:

  • Be Wise Ranch
  • Sage Mountain
  • Nagata Brothers
  • Vista Strawberry Farmers
  • Orethly Ranch
  • Fairchild Farms
  • Raven Hill Orchards

See where we get more California food for California kids.