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Awards & Distinctions

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SDUSD IB World Schools Recognized for Excellence

Campaign for Business and Education Excellent Honor Roll
On behalf of our entire school community we want to say congratulations to you, our families, students, teachers and staff! Our IB schools were chosen by the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE) as 2014 Honor Roll recipients!

  • Jefferson Elementary IB World School
  • McKinley Elementary IB World School
  • Sessions Elementary IB World School
  • Pacific Beach Middle IB World School
  • San Diego High International Studies

This campaign is known for its extensive and rigorous analysis of every public school throughout California. Our schools stood out among the thousands because of our success in getting our students to higher levels of achievement and beyond.

Unlike other awards, the CBEE Honor Roll:

· Includes a measurement of improvement

· Is the only award given by California business leaders

· Includes graduation and dropout rate data

· No application process is necessary

· Establishes a higher bar of performance than any other award

· Takes into account equity and closing achievement gaps

We did not apply for these awards (they found us!) and it is a great honor to have been chosen.

Each year, CBEE presents this award to individual schools and to school districts that have excelled in raising student achievement and closing achievement gaps, improving the educational system for all students. Thanks to the hard work of the students and teachers here at our SDUSD IB World Schools, we are being recognized. This is a testament to our ongoing reflection and the focus on results, an ongoing improvement that our school has shown over the years and to the hard work of our entire community.


San Diego Unified is one of the few districts in California to offer IB programs between pre-K and 12th grade. Across our four IB programs we aim to offer our public school families a level of education that surpasses the educational opportunities offered in the vast majority of public, private, and charter schools throughout the country.

  • Over 5400 students in eight schools
  • Program qualities:
    • 40 year history of success
    • Accountability beyond school district
    • Equal access for all students (7 out of 8 schools serve Title 1 population)
    • High quality ongoing professional development
    • IB certified teachers
    • World languages include French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Spanish for Spanish Speakers
    • Global perspective
  • Impact on students:
    • increased test scores
    • improved attendance
    • increased engagement
    • global perspective
    • proven results in closing the achievement gap
    • ownership of learning (reflective)
    • Diploma performance is an indicator of college graduation success rate
    • Diploma students enroll in more selective colleges & universities
2012 America's Best High Schools

#12 :: San Diego High - School of International Studies
"I feel like the IB program gave me the confidence that I could handle large workloads and demanding academic material. It gave me the confidence to challenge myself in university and elsewhere... "

-- IB Diploma Graduate

Best High Schools Silver 2012

San Diego High - School of International Studies
"My success as an undergraduate, both in academic and extracurricular settings, was largely due to the time management and analytical skills developed during my years in IB... "

-- IB Diploma Graduate


California Association of IB World Schools (CAWS)

Danielle Zdnich, McKinley Elementary IB World School, Exemplary IB Educator of the Year for California - Primary Years Programme, 2015

Aalaziah Collins, PB Middle IB World School, CAWS Gary Prather Award for IB Middle Years Programme Student of the Year, 2015

Erin Paris, PB Middle IB World School, IB Exmplary Educator of the Year for Califorina - Middle Years Programme, 2015

Karla Martinez, PB Middle IB World School, California's IB Exemplary Educator of the Year, 2013

Mitchell Booz, PB Middle IB World School, California's IB Teacher Training Award, 2011

Ernie Remillard, PB Middle IB World School, California's IB Teacher Training Award for, 2010

Carren Lindsay-Dial, PB Middle IB World School, Exemplary IB Educator of the Year for California - Middle Years Programme, 2009

Hannah Bloom, Mission Bay High IB World School), CAWS Gary Prather Award for IB Student of the Year for California, 2009

Dan Sloan, PB Middle IB World School, Exemplary IB Educator of the Year for California - Middle Years Programme, 2008

San Diego Logo

Dr. Ron Lancia, San Diego Unified School District's Teacher of the Year 2015

Teaching and learning in the IB program is an extraordinarily powerful experience because students collaborate in a community of learners that values diversity and promotes character development, express themselves creatively while mastering an array of content areas, and develop the critical thinking and communication skills essential for future success. -Dr. Lancia

Lancia has been teaching for 16 years, 11 of which have been at Mission Bay High teaching an array of classes in IB language arts, IB film, yearbook and AVID. He treats his student as individuals, and seeks to bring them together in collaboration. He also developed a program called ACES, or the After-school Center for Excellence and Support, which offers students academic support across curriculum. For Lancia, the program represents four distinct areas of personal commitment. "Hearts represents the importance of mentorship and service," Lancia wrote in his application essay. "Clubs represents the club/community effect I deeply value. Diamonds signifies a balanced approach to academics, a notion I've appreciated since studying multiple intelligences. And finally, spades represents digging deeper one-on-one and building relationships."

Alice Birney Elementary - Academy of International Studies, 2010

A California Distinguished School

San Diego High - School of International Studies, 2011