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Point Loma High student’s summer trip to China captured in 30-minute documentary

Point Loma High student’s summer trip to China captured in 30-minute documentary
Posted on 01/31/2017

Students in China

After traveling to China as an observer for a Chinese bridge competition, Point Loma High junior Kassia Love's passion toward China only grew stronger.

In her speech at the bridge competition, Kassia said, "I want to learn Chinese, make Chinese friends, and realize my Chinese dream!"

Since then, Kassia has devoted herself to learning the Chinese language and culture, studying it on her own and becoming fluent. She has learned Hulusi, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, and has performed the instrument for Chinese New Year, the Moon Festival and many Chinese festivals as one of San Diego State's Confucius Institute's six arts ambassadors.

Discovering Kassia's talent in language and passion in Chinese culture, Dr. Lilly Cheng, Managing Director of the Confucius Institute, decided to "plant the seed" in Kassia by sending her to China for two months to live with a local family. The institute and Kassia's family decided to document the trip, resulting in the 30-minute documentary entitled "Keep on Walking."

According to the Confucius Institute, whose mission aims to strengthen educational and cultural cooperation between China and the US, they "wanted to explore something deeper -- how by planting a cultural seed in a student can grow and blossom; how a two-month experience could change her life and encourage her to keep on walking.

"We want to let more people know about Kassia's story, and share her story in the hope that it will be an inspiration to other people."

The documentary, Keep on Walking, is available on YouTube (don't worry - there are subtitles).