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Apply for Early Learning

Early Learning

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Parents interested in applying for the part-day or extended day program may do so at the above application link.

Parents interested in UTK | Universal Transitional Kindergarten must contact one of the 56 school sites directly to inquire about space availability and enrollment.


Eligibility is determined by the following State factors:

  • Age Requirements
  • Students who are turning 3 by December 1st may apply for the part-day or extended program (Central).
  • If your student turns 3 after December 1st, please apply at the time the student turns 3.
  • Students who turn 4 by September 1st may participate in UTK, part-day, or the extended program
  • Students who turn 4 after September 1st may participate in a part-day or extended program 
  • Income
  • CPS/At Risk (Must provide letter/document from caseworker)
  • Homeless (Must provide letter or referral from agency or self-declaration of situation
    Children with IEP (Current IEP must be provided.  State priorities listed above also apply)


Acceptance into the Early Learning Program is confirmed through Notice of Action sent to parents/guardian via email within 30 days. If you received a Notice of Action but are no longer interested (e.g., relocation, private school, etc.), please notify our office via email at earlylearningenrollment@sandi.net.



For questions or more information, please call (619) 260-2450 or send an email to earlylearningenrollment@sandi.net.