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Student Board Member

student board swearing in


In 2019, the San Diego Unified Board of Education accepted a student petition and authorized installment of a student board member, in line with California Education Code 35012.  Additional details can be found here, and in Board Bylaw 1035.

In 2022, the San Diego Unified Board of Education voted to add an additional student board member commencing in the 2022-23 school year.  Please note that based on the action of the San Diego Unified Board of Education, no two students may actively serve from the same high school and at least one student serving must be from a school with 60% or higher FRPM (Free or Reduced Price Meal) eligibility.

The current student board members’ (from Lincoln High School and San Diego High School) terms end on June 30, 2024.

If you are interested in becoming one of the two district student board members for a one-year term effective July 1, 2024, please check back in the spring for details on filing for candidacy.