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Administration of Medications

The California Education Code states that any student who is required to take medication or receive a health related procedure that is prescribed by a physician during the regular school day, may be assisted by the school nurse or other designated school personnel if the district receives:

  1. A written statement from the physician detailing the method, amount and time schedules that the medication or procedure is to be administered and
  2. A written statement from the student’s parent or guardian authorizing the school district to administer the medication or procedure. (E.C. 49422, 49423)

All medications must be delivered to the school in the original container. Prescription medications must also be in the original pharmacy container with the original prescription label adhered to the container. Students may carry and self-administer prescription auto-inject- able epinephrine and asthma inhalers if certain requirements are met. Parents/guardians who request school staff members to administer medications or perform procedures at school must recognize that school health personnel will communicate with that student’s prescribing health professional if the school requires clarification about that procedure or medication delivery, such as its dose, scheduling, side effects, or indications. 

No other prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs, or alternative medications may be carried by students on their person, in a backpack or other container except as indicated above and with the express knowledge and permission of the school nurse. Limited over-the-counter medications may be available at some school sites and can be given only by a credentialed school nurse or trained health technician with parent or guardian consent on file.

Contact the school nurse if you have questions. Forms for medication administration or procedures are available at your child’s school and below.

Medication at home: The parent/guardian of a student on a continuing medication regimen at home is required to inform the school nurse or other designated certificated school employee of the medication being taken, the current dosage and the name of the supervising physician. The information is gathered annually on the Health Information Exchange form distributed at the beginning of each year. Notification is required to your child’s school when new medications are started at any time during the school year.