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San Diego Unified Commemorates the “Other Class of 2019” at Celebration for New Retirees

San Diego Unified Commemorates the “Other Class of 2019” at Celebration for New Retirees
Posted on 06/15/2019

Celebration for New Retirees

As schools bid farewell to the Class of 2019, it's not just students who are poised to take on a new chapter of their lives.

Following a whirlwind of commencement ceremonies throughout the San Diego Unified School District, another group of “graduates” celebrated a rite of passage.

San Diego Unified honored its 2019 retirees at the annual Retiree Celebration, which was held on the lawn at the Ed Center. Under the shade of the blooming jacaranda trees, 190 retirees celebrated with family, friends, and colleagues.

The 2019 retirees cover a diverse cross-section of district positions, including 92 certificated and 91 classified staff members, who collectively have contributed more than 4,000 years of service to students throughout San Diego Unified.

The retirees had the opportunity to introduce themselves, share where they worked, and how many years they had been with the district. Most of the retirees had more than 20 years of service; five had more than 40 years.

One of the teachers, Perry Zavala—most recently at Curie Elementary School—is retiring after nearly 25 years of service. The principal, Cara Marshall, voiced the staff's unified sentiment, “Perry will be missed by all at Curie but they are thrilled for him and all the adventures that await.”

Josefina Acevedo, retiring from Food Services after 27 years with the district, has left a mark with students at Logan Elementary School, where she is fondly known as the “snack lady” for an afterschool program.

“As many times as I've attended this annual event, I never cease to be amazed by all the talented people who have dedicated so much energy and commitment toward improving our students' education,” said Superintendent Cindy Marten.

The festivities featured refreshments from the district's Food Services department and live music from the Monroe Clark Middle School Student Jazz Band. New to this year's celebration was a wellness component during the pre-ceremony reception, with a focus on the district's commitment to health and wellness. Interactive wellness booths included “Mindfulness,” “Nutrition,” and “Physical Fitness” stations, giving honorees a taste of the retirement life. The retirees got to practice their golf game on a special putting green, aimed at encouraging retirees to stay physically active. The retiree with the winning drive gets to kick off their retirement at SeaWorld, courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego.

Board President Sharon Whitehurst-Payne and board trustees Mike McQuary and Richard Barrera also joined the celebration.

For those who were unable to attend, Certificates of Appreciation will be mailed to the home address on file.

To view photos from the event, please click here

List of 2018-19 Retirees:

Last First Name
Acevedo Josefina
Althof Susie
Armstrong Teri
Banks Vicky
Bayacal Soledad
Behar Steven
Bellofatto Laura
Beraud Michael
Bess Christine
Bogan Willie
Bowen Maritza
Breen Helen
Brengle Diane
Burbery Glenda
Burnett Wendy
Carlos Elizabeth
Castelo Alberto
Castillo Ricardo
Castillo Marvin
Chalupsky Shelley
Chavez Becky
Christiansen Carol
Cisneros Rita
Cooper Steven
Cox Nancy
Creeden Kelly
Culley Erika
Davis Johnnie
Deppensmith Steven
DiBernardo Penelope
Dial Linda
Doerner Curtis
Dukes LaVirgia
Esparza Maria
Espinoza Luis
Evins Elaine
Fleming William
Flowers Steven
Forsythe Vanessa
Frahm Nancy
Freeman Nory
Fulke Patrick
Galindo Maureen
Garrett Martha
Gates Laurie
Gibbs Betty Jean
Gilliamson William
Gomez Reyna
Goodmar Wendy
Grano Robert
Greer Bobby
Greer Barbara
Hancock Lynn
Hansen Joan
Harrison Barbara
Hart Thomas
Hedges Cynthia
Hernandez Patricia
Hernandez Ana
Hoeger Jean
Hughes Monica
Jackson Jimmy
Jander Donna
Jenkins Jeffrey
Jennings-Mull Mary
Jimenez Margarita
Johansen Theresa
Johnson Estelle
Johnson Joanne
Johnson Lynda
Johnson Melody
Kelly Maria
King Sara
King Delbert
Knox Kathryn
Kuck Carole
Laborie Daniel
Lamarr Jessica
Larson Yvonne
Lauriano Barbara
Lewis Eugene
Lewis Marni
Lindberg Jeri
Little Michael
Locher Paul
Locke Marlowe
Loughman Pamela
Malekesmaili Fatemeh
Manimtim Perlita
Manns Patricia
Marquez Domingo
Mayorga Lawrance
Mayorga Lawrance
McCarty Becky
McCarty Perry
McCunney Tina
Mcphatter-Raspberry Patricia
Mitzman Marilyn
Moody Daniel
Morales Deborah
Mosburg-Michael Sharlee
Nailon Eddie
Nichols Sue
Niemela Karen
Norton Michael
Oconnor Patrick
Oconnor Patrick
Olson Kathleen
Olsson Ola
Oneill Helen
Ouadah Janet
Padilla Gloria
Padilla Prisciliano
Perea Maria
Perez-Garcia Margarita
Peterson Sharon
Phinney Jerry
Pierson Joanne
Platt Cassandra
Plemons William
Powell Sharon
Press Gerald
Pugh Daniel
Quinones Andres
Quitugua Sammie
Raines Frances
Ramelli Henry
Reasman Diane
Roadarmel Merlinda
Rosevear Joseph
Rucker William
Russell Angela
Saiken Robin
Sanchez Camelia
Sandoval Celia
Savary V
Seaman Bonnie
Sensenbaugh Kit
Serrano John
Shefcik Michael
Sheldon Michael
Shinn Gayle
Simpson Hesketh
Singh Carol
Smeltzer Steven
Smith Steven
Soderberg Loni
Soria Claudia
Staton Linda
Steckbeck Pamela
Swain Barbara
Sweet Susan
Swilper Margaret
Sylvester Katrina
Talley Dale
Tani Janis
Taylor Jackson
Thomas Kathy
Thomson Mary Ann
Tronerud Kathy
Udell Nina
Valdivieso Irazema
Vanderhurst Dianna
Vincent John
Vitale Maria
Wainio Joseph
Ward Cheryl
Webb Ann
Wehage Cherie
Wenham Teresa
West Maureen
Whisman Donald
Whitehurst Thomasine
Whitehurst Deborah
Williams Glen
Williams Sidney
Williamson Beatriz
Woehler Viki
Wright Velvet
Zarr Sara
Zavala Perry
Zazas Holm Catherine