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District celebrates 2018 retirees

District celebrates 2018 retirees
Posted on 07/10/2018

Small gathering of 2018 retirees

It was a small gathering, but not one short on excitement.

San Diego Unified recently celebrated its 2018 retirees at the annual Retiree Celebration held at the Ed Center.

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Collectively, the district's 92 retirees have given a total of 2,115 years of service.

“I always smile at the name of this event - celebrating our retirees, as if anyone here will ever be truly retired,” Superintendent Cindy Marten told the attendees. “Even as you enter the next stage in your lives, your work continues. When I think about the hundreds of thousands of hours of service performed by all of you, I marvel at the investment this has made in the future of San Diego. You have made a difference.”

More than 30 employees, colleagues, and family members gathered for the celebration. Each retiree had the opportunity to introduce themselves, say where they worked and how many years they had been with the district. Some have served the district for just a few years, others more than 35.

The lone principal retiring, Lillie McMillan from Porter Elementary, shared several stories about her time as principal. McMillan has been working in education for more than 40 years - the last 26 at San Diego Unified. Tammi Moffett, retiring from Materiel Control, was also recognized by the superintendent for her 39 years of service.

Board Vice President Sharon Whitehurst-Payne and Board Trustee Richard Barrera were also there to congratulate the retirees.

The event is held each year on the lawn of the Education Center, and features refreshments from Food Services and music by the Monroe Clark Middle School band.

List of 2017-18 Retirees:

Bashir Abdi
Cynthia Adams
Peter Altomare
Kenneth Jr Ayers
Christine Baker
Erin Becerra
Mary Blakemore
Glenn Boogren
Susan Brantley
David Braun
Joan Brunelli deVries
Lance Burcham
Margaret Coleman
Jessica Colosimo
Laurie Cooper
Johnnie Davis
Debora Davis
Lynne Degooyer
Suzanne Dias
Brenda Dickey
Ann Diggdon
Ashley Fenton
Valerie Gaines
Jean Gallenson
Bertha Gamboa
Reyna Gomez
Martha Graves
Marcia Halpern
Joylene Hancock
Linda Harmon
Teresa Haywood
Elaine Heber
Cynthia Henry
Mercedez Hernandez
Eric Hungerford
Tommie Jackson
Edward Johnson
Jane Kang
Joseph Kidio
Simone Kincaid
Michael Leavenworth
Kathi Lebeau
Elizabeth Lozoya
Michael Magee
Lawrence Maleskey
Stephen Maloney
Salvatore Marino
William McIlravy
Gail McLaurin
Lillie McMillan
Nina McNeilly
Desa McNulty
Patricia Melban
Tammi Moffett
Linda Moore
Glenn Moore
Katrina Murillo
Gerald Niehaus
Bobbi Octavo
Alma Olivares
Janice Omar
Leslie Owens
Myriam Pedersen
Maria Perea
Michael Reasman
Tommy Reynolds
Ruth Richardson
Agnes Rigunay
Carla Rodman
Richard Roehrich
Rochelle Rubinstein
Jose Sandoval
Miguel Saucedo
Jeanne Seiler-Phillips
Laurie Silveira
Jennifer Stabile
Robert Stacey
Anna Stinson
Kurt Strohecker
Boua Thao
Susan Turner
Lucretia Valentine
Millie Weil
Nancy Weisinger
April West
Daniel Whiting
Roger Worshim
Linda Yale