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Virtual Tour of Mann Middle School

Take a Virtual Tour of Mann Middle School
Posted on 09/14/2020
Mann Middle School's New Classroom Building

SAN DIEGO - Although students started school online Aug. 31 due to COVID-19, San Diego Unified is still working on amazing school transformations, continuing to renovate our schools to give students the campuses they deserve.

Construction began in early 2017 for the whole site modernization, which included a 32,000 square-foot administrative and classroom hall. An outdoor dining courtyard with four shade structures is taking shape just behind the three-story modernized hall.

WATCH: A virtual tour of Mann Middle School

This landmark in the El Cerrito community holds a new health center; an example of San Diego Unified's commitment to improving the well-being of students and staff, as outlined in the wellness initiative.

You can read more about this project, and other projects, at http://fpcprojects.sandi.net.