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Resident Visiting Teacher Program

Resident Visiting Teachers ("RVTs")are Visiting Teachers as defined by Article 32 per the current collective negotiations agreement; RVTs are classified as substitute employees and are not eligible for benefits.
The role of the Resident Visiting Teacher is to serve in the absence of one or more teachers. The intent of the RVT program is to create flexibility between schools; for instance,  a school may not need the person at a school on a particular day and that individual could be asked to cover a neighboring school. 
Resident Visiting Teachers shall be required to perform the typical duties of a day- to- day visiting teacher as well as:

  • Write or revise lesson plans to deliver instruction in the absence of a lesson plan.
  • Supervise one or more classes in a learning lab setting in the event more than one educator is absent and day- to-day substitutes are not available at the assigned site.
  • Perform other instructional related duties as assigned and authorized by the Resident Visiting Teacher’s credential

Resident Visiting Teacher Program Overview