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Logan Memorial Educational Campus (LMEC) Attendance Area

New high school assignment - community participation


Who will attend the new Logan Memorial Educational Campus (LMEC) High School?

Portions of San Diego High Cluster will be reassigned to attend 9th to 12th grade at LMEC, joining PreK to 8th grade students already attending. It is also proposed to rebalance elementary boundaries for five schools: Golden Hill, Kimbrough, Rodriguez, Sherman, and Washington, with middle school boundaries to align as well.

The proposed changes will be presented for Board approval in early 2022, and if approved, implemented in Fall 2022, with the new high school opening its 9th grade class, with 10th-12th grades to follow in successive years. Students already enrolled at San Diego High will not be required to change schools. Please see maps below (hover over maps for downloadable PDF).



Proposed elementary and middle attendance area rebalance